The Festival Of Christmas

All the Christmas countries around the world celebrate this festival with joy and enthusiasm.

In India too this festival is celebrated with gaiety. As India has a sizable population of Christians, the festivities of this festival are almost the same as Dussehra and Diwali.

Christmas falls on the twenty fifth of December every year. It is the date on which the Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born.

Houses and churches are cleaned and whitewashed. They are decorated with flowers, banners, buntings and crosses made of wood and metal. The alter of Jesus Christ and mother marry are decorated with candles and flowers. A separate cradle is made of the infant Jesus in the courtyard of the church.

After the midnight mass, are prayers at the church, Christians go home and feast. They decorate there homes with colored lights and Christmas tree at the foot of this tree they place gifts for each other. Small children hang stockings near there bed, because they believe that Santa Claus will come in the night and place gifts in it. People hold parties and dinners to celebrate this occasion. They sing Christmas hymens and Christmas carols.

The festival comes to an end amidst fun and laughter. It teaches us the value of love and sacrifice.